Our mission revolves around not just providing products and services, but enhancing the well-being of your cats.
Our commitment to education means we're dedicated to sharing valuable insights and knowledge on cat care.
Our attentive staff is always ready to listen to your needs, understand your wishes, and offer personalized solutions.
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Where Cats Find Care and Comfort
We offer a holistic experience that nurtures your cat's well-being and enhances your bond with them.
Cat Hotel
Our cat hotel offers a pampering experience tailored exclusively to cats. With cozy accommodations, engaging play areas, and attentive care, your beloved cat will enjoy a vacation of comfort and contentment.
Cat Grooming
Experience top-tier pampering for your furry companion with us. Our expert cat grooming services offer more than just a makeover – we provide a spa-like experience designed exclusively for cats.
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Paws and Purrs: Your Cat's Second Home
Meowqu Comel Enterprise, headquartered in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, has been a distinguished presence in the pet industry since its establishment in July 2020. As a dynamic and customer-centric company, Meowqu Comel Enterprise is devoted to enriching the lives of feline companions and their owners through an extensive array of top-quality cat products and services.
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11 months ago

It has most of the pets' needs. And the salesgirl was very helpful. Will come visit again in the future. It has a membership card, but it was not promoted enough by the shop. Maybe it needs to print a flyer for customers to get more traction.

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12 months ago

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Ady Anuar

2 years ago

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Zarinah Ibrahim

2 years ago

Good place

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2 years ago

(Translated by Google) Complete! Mcm2 brands are available. The best

Lengkap! Mcm2 jenama ada. Terbaik

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Luqman Hakim

2 years ago

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Nurudin Mohd Shah

2 years ago

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Mohd Rizar Che Man

3 years ago

pleasant environment, good/helping staffs, great price too....recommended for pets lover esp 🐱

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3 years ago

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