About us

Caring for Cats, Connecting with Families

Meowqu Comel Enterprise was established in July 2020. We selling cat products such as dry and wet food, snacks/treats, cat litter, accessories, grooming products, supplements, toys, cages & carriers. We also provide cat hotel & grooming services.

It all started one night in 2019, sneaking out from under the hood of the car was a 4-months-old male tabby cat, adopting us as part of his family. His name is Meow! As we raised and get to know each other as part of a family, a purpose came alive in our minds and hearts: TO PROVIDE THE NEEDS OF CATS TO THE BEST OF OUR CAPABILITY. BECAUSE THEY ARE FAMILY.

In 2020, during pandemic, started from an online business from home, we sold products on Shopee and provide cash on delivery (COD) to Rembau, Seremban, and Tampin. Hence, the shop name Meowqu Comel named after Abang Meow (originally Family Pet Store.

In 2021, we strive to begin operation as a pet shop in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, with the rising need from our customers in need for cat food & needs during the MCO period. In 2022, we relocate to a bigger shop to provide a better environment for our customers and to accommodate more product demand from customers. In 2023, we begin operation of cat hotel & cat grooming.

  • Provide to cat lovers
  • Cat as part of family; indulge them
  • Staff & customers are family
  • To educate towards betterment of cat well-being
  • To cater towards customers and their cats needs
  • Value-for-money
  • Cat friendly environment; welfare
  • Meet Cat Lovers and Cat needs
  • The interest of our customers is important; needs & wishes
  • To spread more branches of our pet shop that are family-oriented towards the betterment of cat’s well-being, because cats are family